Welcome to Sonterra Condo Associations

Important information regarding turning over the association to the residents. Check the Sonterra I and Sonterra II Association pages for more details.

Welcome to the Sonterra Condo Association website for both Sonterra I and Sonterra II Condo Associations. 

This website was developed to allow our residents to pay dues online, download documents, and be a source of information for both communities.

Welcome to Sonterra! We hope you enjoy our community!

Sonterra Condominium Association Residents:

Due to The Associations being turned over to the residents, each association will now have it's own dedicated website. The same information from this site will be found on the new sites. Please update any bookmarks you might have to avoid missing future updates to important information regarding your community. The new websites will be "http://www.sonterrawestcondo1.org" and "http://www.sonterrawestcondo2.org".