Welcome to Sonterra Condo Associations

Welcome to the Sonterra Condo Association website for both Sonterra I and Sonterra II Condo Associations. 

This website was developed to allow our residents to pay dues online, download documents, and be a source of information for both communities.

Welcome to Sonterra! We hope you enjoy our community!

Important Information




As always there are no fireworks allowed in the Sonterra West Community except in designated areas, on designated day/times.

The designated time and date for this holiday is 6 PM-12:30 AM, New Year’s Eve (December 31st).

The designated location is the area behind the duplexes in the open field between CR 313 and Sonterra Blvd. (same location as used for 4th of July).  Signs will be posted to identify the exact area.

It is a violation of the CCR’s to do anything more than sparklers in the Sonterra West & Condo Communities.  Visit website www.sonterrahoa.org for any additional details.

Enforcement will be on duty Saturday the 29th, Sunday the 30thand New Years Eve.  Call 512-746-5014 to report unauthorized fireworks.

Rules and regulations are for your safety.  Keep in mind your pets may need to be secured.  Make other arrangements if necessary.


Thank You & Happy New Years!